The Role of a Concierge

David Soffer, June 5, 2018 2:47 pm

What Does a Concierge Do?

As with all jobs in the hospitality industry in the UK, working as a concierge can be a rewarding and varied position. Performing the role of concierge is as dynamic as it is rewarding, but it is important to know what the role itself includes. Understanding what a concierge does can also help you find the perfect job through a hospitality recruitment agency such as ROTA. We take a look at the typical responsibilities one has working in the role, as well as how you can go about finding a job as a concierge in a wide range of venues such as hotels and members’ clubs.

What Are the Everyday Roles of a Concierge?

A concierge is the first port of call for all visitors and guests, acting as front of house staff representing a hotel, apartment complex or an office. Having excellent communication skills and enjoying interacting with people is essential if you want to take on this role, as providing excellent customer service; ensuring that customers’ needs are met, even exceeded wherever possible is key to becoming a successful concierge.

In terms of the typical duties a concierge would undertake in an average shift, it could include any of the following listed below. The list is not exhaustive, and your exact responsibilities as a concierge will be depend on the needs of your employer:

  • Making sure that entrances are attended to at all times, greeting visitors and guests as they arrive, making sure their very first experience of the building is a positive one
  • Passing on any messages that need to be delivered
  • Answering income emails and phone calls as well as ensuring that these have been followed up and dealt with
  • Making sure visitors have been registered
  • Completing checklists for visual inspections, and making sure that the building is in line with health and safety standards
  • Monitoring guest requests for maintenance and housekeeping
  • Providing advice to guests, for example on transport, best places to visit and recommending local areas of interest
  • Securing guest tickets for entertainment, such as theatre bookings
  • Arranging travel arrangements for things such as sightseeing
  • Picking up and delivering items
  • Take in mail and deliveries and make sure that they are delivered to the client or customer
  • Store and deliver luggage to guests
  • Making dinner reservation on behalf of guests or clients
  • Helping to solve any customer issues
  • Running personal errands if needed to do so on the behalf of guest
  • Covering reception duties if short-staffed.

Skills Required to Become a Concierge

If you are considering working as a concierge, you should think carefully as to whether you have the right skills in order to meet the requirements of the position. Key skills and characteristics that you will need in order to have a chance of being selected for a role as a concierge include:

  • Having excellent communication skills, as a large proportion of your role will involve liaising between clients and management, as well as providing recommendations to guests
  • Having an outgoing personality is extremely important if you are looking to become a concierge, as you need to be able to easily as well as authentically have a great rapport with clients and guests
  • Having an approachable manner, so that guests feel at easy to be able to come to you to ask for tips or to consult you if they are having issues
  • To be able to remain calm in a fast-paced environment and thrive on the pressure this role will bring
  • Being flexible, as concierge hours tend to not always be 9-5 jobs, working often irregular shifts
  • Being adaptable, as you will likely be having to multitask different things all at once
  • Having an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the surrounding area, as guests will be coming to you in order to recommend places of interest in the locality
  • Patience is also key to becoming a concierge, as you may have to sometimes deal with unhappy or unreasonable guests.
  • If you are able to speak one or more foreign languages is advantageous, as you will be likely dealing with guests who are from all over the world

How to Secure a Job as a Concierge

To get a role as a concierge, it isn’t a necessity to have any particular academic qualifications such as a degree. You can search for roles through hospitality operators, hotels and other relevant companies, who allow you to sign up and look for jobs with potentially high-profile clients.

Application processes are in many cases, a fairly speedy experience too, as the establishments offering the jobs often require roles to be filled fairly quickly. Some companies in the UK have apprenticeships scheme, which provides structured training where you get paid to whilst learning how to become a concierge, earning at least £95 a week, though it is common to be paid more, you can find out more about these kinds of schemes on the GOV.UK website.

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