Meet the Team: Simone Bentley

Freya Moss, September 1, 2016 11:33 am

Where do you come from?
I’m from sunny and stormy Brisbane, Australia.

What is your favourite drink?
Espresso Martini all the way.

How did you end up at Rota?
I made friends with Jona at a bar and asked if there were any job opportunities opening up within Rota as it sounded like an amazing start up and concept to be a part of. I was also looking for a change – something I could really jump into head first and make a difference. I had my job interview with Nick and started soon after.

What do you do at Rota?
I’m the Member Relations Manager, part of the Operations team. I hold the record for the most interviews conducted within the team. I also do a lot of project work within the team, whether it is working with the tech team, marketing, sales or operations. I collect and keep track of data in regards to our members, and help them with any queries that they have on a day to day basis.

What drives you to achieve great results in your department and how do you get it right?
When you’re passionate about something the drive is automatically there. You want to succeed and push your limits. Rota is a great startup to be a part of as the sky is the limit with us. I get it right by focusing on the best outcome I want to achieve.

What are the most rewarding and most challenging aspects of your job?
Being part of a great, forward thinking team, learning new things everyday and achieving goals is at the same time challenging and rewarding.

If you won the Euromillions, what would you do?
I would build a luxury spa resort in tropical North Queensland (Australia) that i have been dreaming about for years. I know the complete design I would like and how I would like it to be run. Of course my number one mission would be that I have an amazing, well-trained and knowledgeable team working for me.

What is your funniest story from your hospitality life?
When I was much younger and working in Brisbane on the floor at the Story Bridge Hotel, there was a stag do doing a pub crawl on bicycles. As they were leaving I waved goodbye to one of them and he ran into a tree on his bike, and in a dominoes effect the rest of the stag do fell off their bikes as well as they were laughing so much at the first lad that fell. The whole hotel was in fits of laughter. I do not take blame for what happened.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?
“A year from now you’ll wish you had started today” My favourite quote of the decade. Live fast, work hard and never miss any opportunities.

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