Part Time Catering and Kitchen Jobs

David Soffer, August 30, 2018 12:46 pm

If you are looking to take up work in the hospitality industry, on a temporary or part-time basis but do not know what exactly is out there for you, there is no shortage of roles you may be able to take on, with there being a multitude of different jobs and roles in the hospitality industry available. From porters to concierges, there are positions to suit everyone and a range of skills.

In order to become as well informed as possible with regards to which position may be best for you and your skill set, considering the different roles in the first instance is very useful. So, what are some part time catering and kitchen jobs available and what do they involve? All those listed below can be part-time or permanent, so if you find you love your part-time role, you can look into pursuing your preferred jobs in London, Manchester or beyond. It is an important consideration for those undertaking part time jobs in hospitality that they consider their position of employment too, signing up with a UK umbrella company if required and if they are not employed via their employer’s payroll.

Kitchen Porters

A kitchen porter, also known as a kitchen assistant is an entry level role which could lead to great career progression in the kitchen. Working in a kitchen is also very different to working in a bar and also includes roles which will are easy to pick up quickly and require little training will be involved, with most of what you need to learn available ‘on the job.’ The main duties which a kitchen porter will be responsible for typically include:

  • Making sure that basic cleaning jobs are carried out as quickly and as efficiently as possible
  • Collecting and washing up pots and pans
  • Cleaning the areas in which food will be prepared to a high standard
  • Cleaning and polishing crockery and cutlery where required
  • Unloading food and kitchen equipment deliveries
  • Keeping the store room organised
  • Making sure that floors, walls, surfaces are all sterilised and sanitised

In addition to the above responsibilities, a kitchen porter will find a role in food preparation. This may include jobs such as simply peeling vegetables to preparing salads and desserts, aiding the chef and other kitchen staff.


Sous Chef

If you love to cook and want to make money doing so, then a sous chef could be the perfect role for you. A sous chef is effectively second in command in a commercial kitchen, reporting to the head chef, overseeing the preparation of the food and helping to manage kitchen staff. Also, when the head chef is off work, the sous chef takes over and is in charge; by being thrown in the deep end, many people find this is a driver of their success in the hospitality industry.

To become a sous chef, you will need some experience under your belt. In most cases, sous chefs start their career in other positions in the kitchen, with many people starting off as a kitchen. Alternatively, some people gain their experience through training at a community college or through and apprenticeship. This would typically take 2 years.

Chef de Partie

A chef de partie will be responsible for overseeing a section of the kitchen and the section they are responsible for can vary; it may be pastry, fish, butchery, sauces, vegetables and so on. The job may also be referred to as ‘station chef’ or ‘line cook’ because of its function. The main responsibilities held by a chef de partie include:

  • Training and working with any demi-chef de parties
  • Preparing, cooking and presenting dishes which fall within their speciality
  • Aiding the sous chef and head chef to create and better new dishes and menus
  • Monitoring portions and waste control to maintain profit margins
  • Making sure that the kitchen team have high standards of food hygiene in place, always following the rules set by health and safety

If you are someone who likes a fast-paced working environment, then a chef de partie could be a great choice for you. You will also need to be the type of person who can remain calm in light of problems and loves working with a team.


Catering Assistant

As a catering assistant you will be providing refreshments including food and beverages to third-party locations. These locations could include hotels, indoor or outdoor events, offices or conferences. As a catering assistant, you can expect your duties and responsibilities to include:

  • Preparing food by cooking it to order or heating it up using portable cooking appliances such as fryers, grills or hot plates
  • Laying tables: tablecloth, dishes, cutlery and general decoration with flowers and confetti
  • Serving food
  • Showing people to their seats where necessary
  • Having knowledge of the food available. This includes being aware of the ingredients used for people with allergies; which dishes are vegetarian or vegan and other dietary requirements
  • Know where the facilities are in the venue to direct guests e.g. the bathrooms
  • Cleaning up spills and keep service areas clean and presentable
  • Taking out the rubbish
  • Washing dishes, pots, pans, cutlery etc.
  • Keeping and being responsible for records of missing and broken equipment, dishes and cutlery to inform management of required replacements
  • Accepting payment for food and drink unless services are pre-paid
  • Maintaining excellent customer service-based attitude and a level of professionalism at all times

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