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Hotel Job Options for Temporary Staff

If you are looking for a career in the Hotel Industry or even if you are considering getting into hospitality elsewhere, there are plenty of roles within a hotel alone. These range from entry level positions all the way up to very senior positions, some of which enable you to command very competitive salaries. The jobs available in hotels range greatly from the likes of becoming a concierge, to a porter and even kitchen staff or a waiter/ waitress; the possibilities are almost endless.

With such great variety of different roles, commonly found in the hospitality sector and within the hotel industry, it is crucial that before choosing and applying for one role or another that you fully understand what is involved. You should consider factors such as what you will be doing and what conditions may be in place for the role in question. For many, knowing that they can become temporary hospitality staff, perhaps to supplement other income, as part of their wider financial planning strategy (for example when saving extra money to go towards a mortgage or perhaps to invest in an ISA) or simply to earn some extra money on the side of one’s studies is exciting in itself.


Front of House Jobs

Jobs which entail working in the front of house in hotels can include being a receptionist on the front desk, hotel clerk, bellhop or a concierge. If you were to work on the reception at the hotel, you would be responsible for checking guests in and out, dealing with general requests and taking phone calls and bookings. Moreover, the front desk at most hotels remains open 24/7 meaning you can likely tailor this job around your existent lifestyle. Working front of house is also something that will provide you with skills that are likely to serve you well across almost any of the many jobs in the hospitality industry.

A concierge interacts directly with the guests and provides them with a variety of services. As a concierge, you would act as a liaison and will work to help guests with requests they may have during their stay. This may include booking taxis, helping guests plan days out and even finding arrangements for children while parents take a night off. Part of the skill of a successful concierge is to anticipate what a guest may want before they ask, such as a bottle of champagne upon arrival in a honeymoon suite or ideas for days out should they be staying in the hotel with children.

Kitchen, Bar and Catering Staff Roles

Every hotel needs a great chef and kitchen staff to tailor the food and general cuisine to the needs and requirements of guests, visitors and diners at all times. There is also a bar in most hotels which will need trained bar staff throughout the opening hours of the bar, usually evenings and night shifts.

To become a Chef, you will need to be able to thrive in a very fast paced and pressured environment. You will also need to have trained to have gained the necessary qualifications to succeed as a chef, although this may not always be entirely necessary. The likelihood is that you will need to have experience of working in other restaurants and catering establishments before you can become a fully-fledged chef in a reputable hotel. If you do want to attend culinary school to be trained, you will usually need to have GCSEs at the very least.

Other roles in a hotel kitchen that will likely need filling include Sous Chef, Dishwasher and Kitchen Assistant roles. However, there may well be further roles in addition to these and this will be mainly dependent on the size of the kitchen and the hotel or establishment.

An executive chef is another role required in many establishments and hotels. This is a managerial role which will involve a great deal of behind the scenes work. In this role, you will oversee food operations in the hotel restaurants and bars. You will be responsible for overseeing the chef, sous chefs and all other employees within in the kitchen.

The role will also likely include ordering in the food required, planning menus and preparing the food in the kitchen. Most people who achieve these types of positions and responsibilities will have worked their way up to from an entry level position such as a line cook or kitchen assistant.

Customer Facing Catering Roles

Of course, a restaurant would not be a restaurant without waiters and waitresses. Working in this role, you would be interacting with guests, taking orders and serving food and beverages. You will also be responsible for taking payment from patrons. To take this role on you will not necessarily need any kind of formal qualifications and you can often start in this role before even finishing school, hence, is a great option for someone who is after temporary work and these types of roles can really help you on your journey to succeeding in hospitality and hotel work.

Housekeeping Jobs in Hotels

As a housekeeper or a maid, you will be responsible for cleanliness throughout the hotel. Housekeepers are typically assigned to specific floors, rooms or parts of the hotel to clean individually to maintain cleanliness and the best standards possible. As well as the hotel rooms, housekeepers will make sure that common areas as well as some access areas are kept to a minimum standard of cleanliness all year round.

Working as a housekeeper does require a degree of physical stamina, since you will sometimes be required by virtue of the job, to lift heavy loads and be on your feet for much of the day. There are often opportunities for progression in these roles and becoming a manager of the housekeeping team is a viable career choice for many.


Events Planning Roles in Hotels

Many hotels have spaces such as conference rooms and events spaces which can be rented out upon request. These events can be as small as meetings or as extravagant as weddings and bar mitzvas. An events planner will work with the hotel as well as the company, family or individual seeking space and will help take them through every aspect of their event, bringing everything to life within their budget, requirements and preferences.

To get into events planning, some start their career by obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in events planning. This is by no means a necessity, but it may give you a head start and a greater understanding of the role and industry as a while before you experience it. Going into planning can be extremely rewarding and is a great career choice, particularly for those who enjoy a role involving planning and a lot of interaction with customers and clients.


Hotel General Management Jobs

If you were a hotel general manager, you will make sure that the hotel, bed and breakfast, inn or other establishment is running smoothly at all times. A role in hotel management will include interacting with guests, managing staff across the board, handling some of the finances of the establishment and many more managerial roles and responsibilities.

Some hotel managers will have a degree in hotel management or similar, and whilst certainly useful, this is by no means imperative, aside from giving you more experience and knowledge earlier on in your training and development. In general, hotel managers need to have strong management, business and interpersonal skills to succeed.

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