Hospitality venues’ top 5 staff pet peeves – and how to avoid them

Freya Moss, June 16, 2017 3:36 pm

Hospitality Venue Practices to Avoid

At Rota, we want our Members and Partners to have the best experience possible. That’s why we use our tried and tested star rating system, which directly influences the type and amount of shifts that Members can see and apply to on the app.


We have sat together with Partners to understand the top 5 things that negatively impact ratings, so that Members can ensure they avoid these mistakes, improve their average star ratings, and see as many shifts as possible.


Curious? Then read on.

1. Phones

We know that phones are a very important part of our lives, but they shouldn’t be out during a shift after check in. This is by far the most common complaint received from venues – it makes a bad impression and reflects negatively on you and your work, resulting in being blacklisted immediately.


2. Uniform

Dress to impress. Uniform is extremely important to Partners, so be sure you have everything they require. In addition, we want to stress the importance of the general appearance of yourself and your uniform. This includes wearing a well-ironed shirt that doesn’t look like it’s been wrestled with prior to the shift. For tips on how to fold a shirt for travelling, check out this nifty little video from eHow. In sum, looking scruffy and unkempt can lead to you being turned away by the venue without pay – and that’s the last thing anyone wants.


3. Attitude

… is everything! So please make sure you understand where you’re working. Whilst some shifts require you to be smiley, engaging and bubbly, there are also venues that need you to be more respectful and quieter for the duration of your shift.


4. Know what you’re in for

We understand that polishing glasses isn’t exactly the most thrilling part of a bartending shift, but it is essential to the job. Equally, some Members may not be able to touch or serve alcohol due to personal and religious beliefs, while others are more comfortable doing certain types of shifts over others. Before hitting apply, it’s therefore very important to make sure that you consider the type of shift, and only sign up to those where you are willing and able to perform all tasks as listed in the briefing. This prevents disappointment on both sides.


5. Briefing

You can find a lot of information about your pay, the venue and the type of uniform by thoroughly reading the briefing each time you apply – even if you have worked at the venue before. Who knows, just that day your go-to venue might put on a VVIP shift with a very special uniform.



So, simply steer clear of these, and watch your rating soar in no time!

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