Why Hospitality Must Embrace the Gig Economy: 4 Reasons That Make You Want to Start Now

Freya Moss, June 23, 2017 3:12 pm

Hospitality and The Gig Economy

Whether you’re a hotel, a caterer, a venue, a festival or any other part of the hospitality industry – people are at the heart of your business. They are the people that deliver your brand experience. Because of that, it’s critical you have the right staff, and enough of them.

Therein lies the challenge. To have the right staff, it’s tempting to employ them yourself, but that may mean either having too many or too few – both place significant strain on management and front-line staff alike. Similarly, the best staff are often tied to another company. So, how do you get the right staff?


The Gig Economy


Over the last few years, the UK hospitality industry has started to experience the phenomenon experts refer to as the ‘gig economy’, where short-term, freelance or zero hour contracts replace permanent employment, especially among younger staff.

In a recent survey, Rota asked its thousands of Members what is most important to them when it comes to their work. And it wasn’t pay that ranked number one. It was flexibility, supporting the commonly held notion that millennials crave a healthy work-life balance. Flexibility was followed by job security (or enough shifts being available). Today’s generation of staff desires the ability to choose when and where they work as opposed to being pushed into a fixed roster, while being guaranteed shifts when they need them.


Benefit from The Gig Economy in Four Easy Steps


So how exactly can embracing the ‘gig economy’ help the hospitality industry solve its staffing challenge? Easy, if you follow these four tips.


1. Free your time from recruitment


Outsourcing the job of finding the right people means that you no longer have to put together and pay for job ads or employ expensive agencies. No more spending hours and hours sifting through CVs or interviewing potential candidates, which only distract your attention from what it is that you love about your job: giving your guests the best time. Part of which is having the right staff looking after them in an attentive, friendly and helpful manner. This highlights the importance of selecting a staffing provider that has robust vetting in place to ensure you get the right quality of staff. Rota assesses each prospective Member in person before they are allowed onto the platform for everything that matters to you and your operation – from English proficiency to skills specific to a role.


2. Make staff admin a doddle


From staff schedules to timesheets to payroll – when you employ staff there is a lot of admin that comes with it. Tech enabled staffing providers like Rota free you from this. Staff can be requested in just a few clicks, timesheets are digital and updated automatically, and because the staff are employed by Rota, payroll is taken care of by us. As Rota’s platform directly links those requesting staff to suitable individuals through an elaborate algorithm, a shift becomes visible to those candidates who match the requirements as soon as it’s posted… and often fills in seconds!


3. Flexible cost


In most hospitality businesses, the need for staff can change dramatically, not just over the course of a week or month, but over the year. For caterers and wedding venues, the summer is non-stop, while for those specialising in business conference space, it’s late spring and autumn that are the busy periods. Embracing the ‘gig economy’ means that you only pay for staff when you need them. Even on a shift, innovative check in and check out systems ensure you only pay for what you use.


4. React quickly


Because platforms like Rota’s directly connect staff requesters with staff, it means that whether you’re posting a shift two months or just a few hours in advance, it will be immediately visible to thousands of potential staff, meaning understaffing is a thing of the past. Even when shifts are fully booked, Rota Members can put themselves on a standby list should the shift require more staff or should someone no longer be able to work the shift. So say goodbye to hectic last minute calling around! All of this speed is not at the compromise of quality. The staff are without exception fully vetted, their competencies matched to the role you are requesting staff for, and they’re always seeing a comprehensive briefing, so they know exactly what is expected of them, whether that’s what to wear to where to go.


What Is Rota?


Rota are looking for an outgoing and reliable member to join our bar staff team to work at London’s best hotels, restaurants and events!

There are a variety of shifts available and we can offer a flexible contract that suits you, either part-time or full-time, and the opportunity to earn up to £11 per hour.

Rota helps you find flexible hospitality work around London – a great opportunity to get extra earnings over the Christmas period!

Click the apply link to book your assessment session!

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