Rota – The best student job in London?

Freya Moss, October 6, 2016 3:00 pm

Student jobs are an essential if you want to actually enjoy uni. Unless you fancy dining on only bread and water, watching your housemates go out on a Saturday night whilst you stew in front of the Jonathan Ross Show or waiting until Christmas for Santa to deliver that new pair of Yeezy Boosts, you need to find a way of making the last few weeks before the loan comes in bearable.

So you job hunt. You spend hours, days, weeks trawling job boards online, tweaking your CV and painstakingly filling in application forms to hear nothing back for months. Then, when you finally get a call-back, it’s from a 24hr petrol station offering you the graveyard 1am-7am shift for £6ph. Devastating.

But what if we told you there’s a better way? What if we told you there’s a way you can work in some of London’s top venues for an hourly rate that’s well above market average? What if we told you that you can choose when you work, through the ease and convenience of an app? What if we stopped asking rhetorical questions and told you about ROTA?

Hi. We’re ROTA and we’re London’s premier on-demand staffing solution. Through our app and website, we link up hotels, bars and restaurants across the capital with temporary staff. It’s a simple process too; venues post their shifts and our staff sign up in real time. Few taps of a button and you’re off to work – payments, timesheets and tax all handled through us.

I mean, it’s obvious we’d sell this as the best student job around because we work for ROTA. So, to ward off any cries of ‘bias’, we interviewed a couple of our workforce, who happen to be students, to find out why working for ROTA is perfect for them.

“For me, it was the actual flexibility offered around working hours,” said Sarah. She is a fine art student at Goldsmiths and, in her words, “things can get pretty crap in the run-up to final hand in.”

“You remember pieces that are unfinished, or that you need to go back and put a narrative through your sketchpads, and it would’ve been virtually impossible to commit to a job through this. With ROTA, when I had spare evenings, I could get work easily as there were always shifts online and when I didn’t have time, it wasn’t like I was constantly turning down an agency and putting myself on their ‘uncooperative list’”.

For Rob, it was the quick entry onto ROTA that he rated. He’s an MBA student at Imperial College, so it’s not evening time he lacks, but rather that during the day.

“I was impressed how smoothly I found myself working for ROTA,” he said. “My days are packed with lectures so I was chuffed when the onboarding only took two hours.”

“The other thing is it’s so easy to apply to shifts. I can snide my phone out in a lecture, open the app and see what work is about that evening and sign up to it pretty covertly. I don’t have to duck out to take calls or anything like that.”

So there you have it, there is another way. You won’t have to sell Cornish pasties to truckers in the middle of the night to make ends meet, and you can snatch your Saturday nights back from the sofa. If you fancy being your own boss and joining ROTA, check us out on or give us a ring on 02080 043466 and we’ll see what we can do.

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