The Best Industries for Part Time Workers

David Soffer, August 24, 2018 5:23 pm

If you looking to balance raising small children, your studies, or a simply looking for a little extra money to make on the side, you may decide to work part-time. You wouldn’t be the only one, as more people work part-time than ever before in the UK, with over eight million people in the country working less than 35 hours a week in a single job.

However, you might not know where it is best to start looking. There are so many different industries that can provide part time or freelance opportunities in the UK, with hospitality jobs in London alone being hugely popular and varied with part-time workers. With this in mind, we have put together a guide to help you with your job hunt; detailing the best industries for those looking for part-time employment.


Hair and Beauty 

The hair and beauty industry can provide a great deal of flexibility, with many in the field often deciding to then become self-employed and run their own business, allowing them to organise their schedules according to their developing needs and preferences.

When it comes to part-time work in hair and beauty, there are a lot of options for roles such as acupuncturists, massage therapists, beauty therapists, stylists and makeup artists. Whilst competitive, working part-time in this sector can be extremely rewarding.

Web Designers and Developers

If you have strong tech skills and can easily build and design websites and apps, then part-time work in this industry could work very well for you. As many small companies or startups only require web designer’s expertise on a more flexible basis, this has led to the growth of part-time work in this field, and it pays well. On average, a part-time, UK-based web developer can earn up to £25 an hour.

Part Time Hospitality Roles

Working as waiting staff or caterer in the hospitality industry is an excellent way to find part-time work. Especially so with sites such as us at Rota. We are specialists in placing temporary hospitality staff in restaurants, special venues and hotels, which can be easily arranged by signing up on their website. As roles in this sector tend to be very flexible, often requiring a large number of staff for one-off events, opportunities to work the hours that you want are plentiful.

There are also many jobs and positions in hospitality that you can consider ranging from a waiter or waitress to becoming a concierge and even working in various roles around a bar or working in a kitchen anywhere across London, Manchester or elsewhere in the UK. another of the beauties of working in hospitality is that work is almost always available at the weekends and in evenings, sometimes with increased pay for unsociable hours. These kinds of jobs could be a great way to top up your income  or even help you get out of debt, perhaps paying off some outstanding long or short term loan commitments which you may have accrued over the years.


Promotional Work

Working as a brand ambassador for a company is becoming an increasingly popular way to earn a reasonable income on the side of a regular full time job. Many businesses that require promotional services also operate on weekends and in evenings meaning there is ample time to work for those looking to pick up some extra work. Also, many businesses offer commission for reaching sales goals as well as the ability to work flexibly.


The education sector provides many opportunities to work part-time for people in various stages of their career; from the very beginning, to those who have amassed years of teaching experience. As a university or higher education student, you could decide to look at tutoring part-time younger children, which could earn you up to £20 an hour.

Working as a teaching assistant part-time, you can reasonably expect to earn up to £20,000, whilst those who have the skills and expertise to work as a lecturer could find themselves earning a staggering £36,000 on a part-time basis. In fact, it was reported in 2016 by Glassdoor based on anonymous data that the highest paid part-time job on average in the UK were lecturers.

Animal Care

If you love cats, dogs and animals in general, there are many part-time jobs available in this field that you will almost certainly enjoy every second doing. Why not look at websites that specialise in dog walking services, or look at house sitting websites. Many people will advertise not only their house to look after whilst they are away, but also someone to care for their pets.

Babysitting and Nannying

If you are good with children and like looking after them, why not take a look to see if you could work as a nanny or babysitter? This is often on a part-time basis, as many parents will look for someone to care for their child in the evenings, or whilst they are at work.

Additionally, with school holidays being spread throughout the calendar year, there are seasonal demands for babysitters and nannies in almost every town and city of the UK. Also, many working parents also require help with children of all ages after school hours, meaning there is additional opportunities at those times too.


As more and more companies across the UK are prioritising their marketing department, the availability of part-time jobs in the sector has increased, with those working part-time in marketing earning roughly £11.60 an hour. There are many roles ranging from researchers to designers and part-time account managers.


If you are a talented musician, finding work by teaching part-time how to play the piano, guitar or another type of instrument to young children can be both a rewarding and profitable experience. Furthermore, you may even, with the right permissions and access be able to busk in some London Underground Stations.

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