Benefits for Students Working in Hospitality

David Soffer, August 14, 2018 12:57 pm

If you are a student looking for part-time work to help you get through university or just provide you with a bit of extra income, hospitality is a perfect industry to consider due to its flexibility, varied options and many other enticing factors.

Temporary hospitality and events recruitment companies, such as ROTA, are always on the hunt for new people who require part-time work and are ready to provide excellent customer service. Providers of temporary hospitality work, such as ROTA, offer flexible job opportunities and let you know about which events and venues require staffing allowing you to pick within which roles and locations you want to work. This way, can work employment around your studies.

Here are some of the main benefits you can expect as a student working in hospitality.

Extra Income for Students

If you are a student, you are likely to have a student loan which in part covers your living costs. However, in many cases, this will not even cover your rent for the year so having an extra income can make all the difference to your lifestyle.

As a student, you may already have a part-time role in retail or other industry. Having a flexible job on the side, for example in hospitality, can enable you to make extra money alongside your part-time role elsewhere. It is useful, as the temporary work in hospitality does not always entail set hours, so if you have some free time and need some extra income, you can choose your days and hours, working days, evenings or nights as you prefer.

Meeting New People

As a student, you are likely to meet various new people from across the UK and other countries who are all studying at your university. However, it is always nice to make friends with people outside of your university and no doubt temp-work will provide you with the opportunity to interact with hundreds of people from all walks of life.

This may be the case as there will be many people signed to each agency all working on different events. You have the option to work any kind of event, from charity fundraisers to festivals to some of the UK’s most prestigious events, where you will meet a wide range of people, honing your skill set to help you succeed in hospitality no matter where life takes you.


Flexibly Work on Demand

With temporary work in the hospitality industry, you can expect you have a great degree of flexibility. This will be to the point where you are choosing your own hours, which events you want to work at and even the venue. Furthermore, there is an abundance of jobs and positions available in the hospitality industry to choose from.

How each student lives their lifestyle is very subjective and having temporary work in place is great for making money and avoiding having extra pressure where you simply do not need it in terms of the workplace.

There will always be work that can fit around your studies, your social life and even an existing job, should you have one. The best perk is that you do not have to say yes to all the hours which are offered to you, you simply pick the best ones available for you.

Learn a New Set of Skills

With any sort of work comes learning new skills, and working in hospitality will provide you with a great set of skills to take forward into a future career. Through your interaction with such a varied range of backgrounds, you will acquire the sort of professional communication skills which are valued by almost every single industry you may enter in the future.

Some of the best life skills you will acquire include being able to think on your feet and keeping calm under pressure. These are the sort of traits which employers look for when recruiting and which are honed in the hospitality industry, particularly in customer-facing and front of house roles.

You may also be seeking a career in the hospitality sector generally. If this is the case, you will have a lot of skills associated with the hospitality industry under your belt through your part-time work during university. You will also have the opportunity to sample a large variety of hospitality roles, which will provide you with a good overall impression of the industry at large and act as a great starting point in your career. You may for example end up deciding that a part time role in a hotel is for you as opposed to say, working in a conference hall.

Great Opportunities That Are Out of The Ordinary

Some of the UK’s most prestigious events need hospitality staff all year round. This could mean working at events like The Chelsea Flower Show, The Rugby World Cup and a variety of different music festivals.

It is no secret that these events simply wouldn’t be able to take place if it wasn’t for the hospitality teams working behind the scenes.

You may even be able to work as support for events like the Formula One team on the European tours or you may be sent to staff a royal event in another country. The possibilities are endless with hospitality work and the best thing is, you can choose when you work.

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