App Update – July 2016

Freya Moss, August 4, 2016 4:18 pm

Always be app-to-date, and find the latest changes in this section of the blog.

Grouped Shifts:
Our clients have asked and we have delivered, now they’re able to post a series of ‘grouped’ shifts which require the same member. This will help everyone in terms of planning their weeks better, bear in mind that you have to be available for ALL shifts. You’ll see the icon below on grouped shifts.

Payments Section:


We’ve upgraded the ‘Payments’ section, this now shows more information including; check in/out, total time worked and the star rating you gave the employer – this was the other way round before (your rating from the employer) so apologies for any confusion!

Very soon you’ll be able to apply for kitchen porter jobs, these involve helping around the kitchen in a variety of areas such as food preparation and cleaning. Do let us know, by responding to this email, if you’re interested in seeing jobs for this role but keep in mind that kitchen porter jobs will be paid at the rate of £7.30 per hour.

Reliability Rating:
You may have noticed that under your name in app there is now a reliability rating, this may be the difference between being accepted on a shift or not, please check the member’s pack for more details on this.

Lower Paying Shifts:
Head over to ‘settings’ and you’ll soon be able to opt in to viewing lower paid shifts. Great for when you need to top up your balance.

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