The better way to work

About Us

With years of hospitality experience behind our founders, they’d faced the frustrations of managing part-time staff, and dealing with expensive, old-fashioned agencies. They took this frustration, turned it into an idea, and within a year we have grown from three people around a kitchen table to a team of 29, passionate about improving people’s lives.   Every week we have thousands of Members across five cities in the UK making the most of the freedom, higher pay, and improved conditions that Rota affords them. On top of that, our Partners have access to a flexible network of highly motivated, rated and engaged staff through a platform that actually makes their lives easier.   Our technology and love for treating people right is helping us lead the way into the future of work. Whether it is saving a manager hours in his week, or enabling a student to earn while they learn – we know that the status quo is shifting, and we are proud to be driving the change.


We are always looking for bright people to join our team, and even if we are not advertising right now feel free to send in your CV to We may just be able to find a role for you!