5 Stars, 300 Shifts and Counting

Freya Moss, June 30, 2017 2:48 pm

Meet Rota Member Evaldina

If you follow us on Facebook (and if you don’t, head over and follow us now), then you might have seen that on Wednesday evening Evaldina became the first Rota Member to clock up a whopping 300 shifts. Originally from Portugal, Evaldina moved to London 5 years ago, and has been doing shifts through the Rota app for exactly 13 months today (happy Rota-versary!).


As a thank you, and to recognise her outstanding contribution over the year she has been with us, we sent Evaldina off for a well-deserved, relaxing massage, and took the opportunity to talk to her about Rota, her experience, and how she kept up her excellent rating over time.


Rota: Evaldina, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk to us – especially with your next shift right around the corner!

Evaldina: Absolutely no problem! I love talking to you guys, so be my guest.


R: We would love to hear a bit more about your time and experience with Rota. So, let’s go way back to May last year, when you first joined. How did you hear about us then?

E: I was told about Rota by friends, other hospitality people whom I worked with at another company. They told me it was a great company and really urged me to apply. So… I did.


R: What was your main reason for joining – and since then staying with – Rota?

E: I am studying, and Rota gives me more flexibility to work because I can choose the hours that fit into my schedule. I can work different times, depending on when I am busy, and can still go to school without neglecting anything.


R: You use Rota part time around your studies then?

E: Yes, part time when I go to school, so during term, and then when I am off, I am trying to make it full time, working every day. I usually do double shifts, starting in the morning, and finishing at night.


R: Do you have a favourite role at Rota?

E: I have mostly been working as a waitress, and as a team leader, which is great as I can really use my experience. I would like to try some host shifts at one point, too – I love trying new things.


R: And do you have any favourite venues amongst our many different Partners?

E: The Marriott Hotel is definitely my first choice, but I also love working at The May Fair, and Bafta [the venue Evaldina completed her 300th shift at on Wednesday night]. Bafta is such a nice place to work, and the managers are so nice. They care for their staff, for us. It is a good environment to work.


R: And what about your Rota colleagues?

E: *laughs* They’re all my friends – when we’re together it’s a party. I spend much of my time with them. We’re a team that works together, and we help each other. I really like it.


R: Do you work with other agencies as well?

E: Yes, I do. I work with another company, but I prefer working with Rota, it’s the best. R: How so? E: The other company has different procedures, and Rota has the best system, in the app and with regards to payment. Rota is truly different from other companies, and most of my colleagues prefer working with Rota.


R: So, is there anything Rota could or should change to improve?

E: No, you don’t have to change anything. The only problem is that when I am put on standby, then I have to apply for other jobs. [NB: Spoiler alert – after the traditionally quiet summer, we are bound to have an explosive September, so there will be loads of work on the app]


R: Have you ever had any issues while working at Rota?

E: Not really – and if I do, it is really easy to get a hold of the office team. They explain everything and are very friendly.


R: Evaldina, you have managed to keep up an amazing 5* rating across 300 shifts and many different venues – do you have any insider tips and tricks for our other Members on how you do it?

E: It’s not a secret *laughs* Actually, it’s quite simple. I like the job, I have been doing it for 15 years now. If you love what you do, you’re usually good at it, and people can tell. I like to improve, and I like to learn more, so that’s why I like to go to different places, to do different things, and as a result I am learning lots. My shift this afternoon is at a venue I have never worked at before, and I am very excited about it. I think attitude is most important [NB: We totally agree!]. The correct uniform is also really important. And the hair! It has to be proper *laughs*

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R: Right, before we let you go – what was the funniest or best thing that happened to you on a Rota shift?

E: One time after a shift at the Marriott, the manager gave our team a bottle of wine each, as a thank you. It was a very good wine *laughs*

R: Evaldina, thank you so much for your time and insights. And have a great shift later today!


Rota is the sum of its Members, and we wouldn’t be where we are today, creating a better way to work for thousands of people, without you, our wonderful, hardworking, and dedicated Rota community! We find Evaldina’s amazing attitude and Portuguese passion truly inspiring, and can’t wait to witness her further journey with us. 400 shifts, here we come!

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